Singapore’s first standalone gestational diabetes cover 

Today, Singaporean women who are pregnant lack means to protect themselves against gestational diabetes. 

VITANA hopes to change that.

Eligibility - in your first 23 weeks of pregnancy. 

$99 covers you for up to $2500 in diagnosis and related complications.

Why gestational diabetes matters?

Did you know one in five expecting mothers in Singapore get gestational diabetes? - according to KKH and NUH study

During the last trimester, expecting mothers with gestational diabetes need to take care of their diet so as to avoid high blood pressure for mothers and low mineral levels for their newborn.

Educate yourself - SassyMama Blogpost

Vitana is a first of its kind gestational diabetes cover that gives mums in Singapore financial cover against the risk of diabetes during maternity.

Launching soon*, register your interest below to be one of the first to try it out.

Concept: Gestational Diabetes Cover


Protection Plan



Total Coverage

Minutes to Buy

Just $99 before your 24th week of your pregnancy, to get great gestational diabetes protection.

The whole process only takes 

2 minutes.

Value Delivered

With your consent, we use proprietary technology to automatically check your eligibility and pay out claims -


- while ensuring absolute privacy for your personal and sensitive health data.

$500 instant payout if you test positive for gestational diabetes,

no need to tell us.

Up to $2000 coverage for related complications during childbirth.

Reinvented Experience

Proactive Protection

Register your interest!

*With approval from MAS, Vitana will launch Singapore's ONLY standalone gestational diabetes product. 

Register your interest for launch details and early sign up discount.

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We want to change the insurance industry, so we use the latest technology for a whole new proactive approach. Our concept starts with getting rid of the claims form. Our smart blockchain-enabled insurance system will know as soon as our customers are sick or eligible for a claim and payout will be made automatically without any action from the customer required.

Our technology works in a way such that, Vitana sits on your phone and underwrites on your device without the insurance company having any access to customer’s personal and sensitive health data. Thus, complete privacy on sensitive customer health data is ensured.

Once approved by MAS, Gestational Diabetes Plan will be Vitana’s first product, with more to come in the future. Reach us via email at or call at +65 93256401 if you need any further information. 

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