What is GD?

Diabetes is a condition where the glucose (sugar) level in the blood is too high. Gestational diabetes (GDM) is a category of diabetes that affects women during pregnancy. In most cases, GDM develops in the middle or towards the end of pregnancy and resolves after giving birth. It is very common and affects about one in five pregnant women in Singapore. Two-thirds of mothers in Singapore who have gestational diabetes go on to develop diabetes later in life. The children born from such pregnancies run the same risk and are more likely to be obese in childhood.

Screening is recommended and is usually done at 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. If left uncontrolled, GDM can cause problems including premature birth.


Am I eligible?

You are eligible if –

1. You are between the age of 16 and 45

2. You reside in Singapore as a Singaporean/ PR with an NRIC number, or an Employment or Dependent pass holder with a FIN number

3. You have no history of gestational diabetes from previous pregnancies

4. You have no medical history of diabetes

5. You are in your first 23 weeks of pregnancy

How do I make a claim/ How do I get paid?

There is actually no need for you to file a claim or submit any medical report to us. Our smart insurance system will know as soon as you are eligible for a claim, and payment will be made automatically to your bank account without any action required from you – while ensuring absolute privacy for your personal and sensitive health data.

How long does it take for the payout to reach me?

As soon as our smart insurance system receives data from your clinic verifying a claim payment is due, a bank transfer will be made to your specified bank account.

How long am I covered?

You are covered for your entire pregnancy term, i.e. from the date you purchase the policy until the end of your pregnancy.

Where will I receive my insurance policy documents?

We will email you your policy document as soon as you buy the policy.

A Guide to Vitana

Where can I buy Vitana/pay for Vitana?

You can download our free Vitana mobile app from Apple App Store (Put Hyperlink).

*The app is only available on the App store for iOS devices in Singapore.

Why do I need to download an app?

Using the App during the purchasing process ensures privacy since your private data is processed on your mobile phone with the insurer having no access.

What if I change clinics after I have bought?

If you change clinics after you have bought the policy, do contact us and we will handle your case specifically.

What is LumenLab?

LumenLab is MetLife’s Asia innovation centre. We are based in Singapore with a focus on creating new businesses in health, wealth, and retirement. Our aim is to help people achieve richer and more fulfilling lives by building new products and services grounded in data and technology.

Is this regulated? What is the Sandbox?

Yes! we have received approval from ‘Monetary Authority of Singapore’ (the regulator) to test Vitana under the MAS regulatory sandbox in Singapore. To learn more about the Sandbox please refer to the link.

In Which Countries can I access the Vitana App?

Currently, you can access & use Vitana app only in Singapore.

Where do I go if I have questions?

You can chat with us anytime by tapping the ‘contact us’ button in the app. Or you can email us at If you would like to speak to us, you can reach us at the phone number listed on the website.

Signing up

How do I start using the Vitana App?

For new users, you need to perform a one-time registration for setting up by entering your NRIC and clinic number to get started. An OTP will be sent to your mobile phone to verify your contact number and then just follow the simple instructions on the app. 

Do I need to be connected via WiFi/data network when using the Vitana App?

Yes!! The App will require an internet connection for functioning, you can use either the WiFi or your Data network.

How to use the Promo code? 

You just need to enter the code written on the back of your Pamphlet while making the payment.

How to logout from the App?

There is no logout functionality requirement for the App. The security feature that protects the app, is the lock function on your phone. If you don’t have a lock on your phone, the app will not work. You can simply close the app manually if you want.

What If I delete the App and Install it again?

Yes, you can. If you delete and install the app again, you will be asked to do the SMS OTP verification.

Banking & Payments

Why do I need to add my Bank details to my account?

 We encrypt your bank account details and store it on our end. We have the right to decrypt the bank account details ONLY in the event of a need to make a payout, in which case we decrypt the bank account number and send you the money directly. There is no need for you to make a claim.

Which bank account can be used by Vitana to send me a payout?

Any bank account maintained in Singapore can be used by you to receive a payout.

Is it safe to use my debit/credit card in the App for making payment?

Vitana App implements security practices and policies adopted by the payment industry to ensure prevention of theft of your card information. Your privacy is our utmost concern.

Can I change my bank account number from my Vitana app?

You can always contact us to aid you in changing any details associated with your account. We are just a text away.


What is this new Distributed Ledger Technology?

A distributed ledger is a database that is spread across several computing systems (decentralization) instead of just one central system. Each system replicates and saves an identical copy of the ledger & updates itself independently.

The important feature of distributed ledger technology is that the ledger is not maintained by any central authority, thus no single entity has the rights over data but instead, everyone can access that information which makes Distributed ledger much more transparent and secure

All participating systems reach a consensus. Once consensus has been reached, the distributed ledger updates itself and the latest, agreed-upon version of the ledger is saved on each system separately.

Is this the same as Bitcoin and BlockChain?

The blockchain is one form of distributed ledger technology & Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin use Blockchain as a method of implementation.

The distributed ledger used by Vitana is a private distributed ledger, with only the relevant parties (insurer, reinsurer, health record provider) having access to it.

How secure is this?

The inherent features of DLT result in enhanced trust and security. That said, in today’s technology-driven world any system has vulnerabilities thus we have put designs in place to ensure the system is secure. For example, the data on the DLT is pseudonymised, meaning no data on the DLT is personally identifiable.

Why is Vitana so simple?

We have partnered with the health record provider and the reinsurer to redefine the whole customer journey. We have used technology to make the process seamless. This is our vision of the future of insurance. If you have any feedback (good or bad), kindly contact us via the app or let us know at

What data do I need to provide?

We will need your

1. NRIC Number & your Clinic name – We only need this to check your eligibility. This data is not stored within the app or on our systems other than the policy document that we email to you

2. Bank Details – We need this only the event of a payout. Else the data remains encrypted and gets deleted after your pregnancy.

3. Your Credit/Debit card details – We don’t store this data, we use it for payments only.

Frequently Asked Questions